About David T. Knight

Attorney David Knight has had a long and distinguished legal career. He began by graduating with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 1974. While there, he served as an executive editor of the University of Florida’s Law Review.

David T. Knight’s Profile

Decades Of Experience With Commercial Litigation

David served as a partner at the law firm of Shackleford, Farrior, Stallings and Evans for 17 years, and a partner at the law firm of Hill Ward Henderson for the last 27 years. His many years of trial work allow him to provide astute counsel, judgment and insight for all levels and types of trial matters.

Board-Certified Trial Counsel

David brings these trial skills to his firm of DAVID KNIGHT LAW for the benefit of clients in need of litigation counsel and those dealing with complex lawsuits. David’s successes have been recognized, and his achievements have brought him substantial honors during his long and successful legal career.

He is board-certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law (since 1986), Business Litigation Law (since 1996), and Anti-Trust and Trade Regulation (since 2006). At DAVID KNIGHT LAW, clients know exactly who will be doing their legal work and can rest assured of the quality, commitment and professionalism of his legal work.

Florida Chair Of The American College Of Trial Lawyers

Two of David’s signal honors include being named the Florida State Chair of the American College of Trial Lawyers and Chair of Bay Area Legal Services, which is the primary legal aid organization for the Tampa Bay area.

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For litigation counsel with peerless experience and capable of handling business and commercial litigation involving great complexity, call David’s Tampa office at 813-784-8056 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment to discuss your matter.